I’m in my final year studying computer science at McGill University. Currently, I am working on modelling COVID-19 disease spread on contact network. I am also interested in network science, game theory, and machine learning, especially theoretical aspects of networks and applications to social science.


Abby Leung, Xiaoye Ding, Shenyang Huang, and Reihaneh Rabbany. Contact graph epidemic modelling of covid-19 for transmission and interventionstrategies. arXiv preprint arXiv:2010.03081, 2020. preprint

Xiaoye Ding, Shenyang Huang, Abby Leung, and Reihaneh Rabbany. Incorporating dynamic flight network in seir to model mobility between populations, 2020, under review. preprint


Abby Leung. RWTC for Persistent Community Detection, 2020. COMP 400 report